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Quick Start: Survey Appearance and Settings


Survey Appearance and Settings

Checkbox includes a number of different survey configuration options in the Settings area. Some you may use often, others infrequently or not at all.

We encourage you to test out the different settings but contact support if you have any questions about them prior to sending out your survey.

The screenshot of the Checkbox Interface with highlighted Settings dropdown

1. Survey Style & Appearance
  • Click Settings -> Style to apply or change your survey’s style template. This will change the color scheme, background images, and default fonts.
  • You can create your own custom Style templates, which can include your own logo/branding, in the main Styles ares. For more information, see our Branding Guide.
  • Click Settings -> Appearance to adjust other settings such as adding page numbers, questions numbers, a progress bar, and more. Feel free to test out these settings until your survey looks just right.

2. Other Survey Settings

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