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Reports Overview

July 15, 2024

There are two ways to visually report on your survey reports in Checkbox – by using the standard/default Report and by using Dashboards.

Standard Reports

The Standard Report is accessed by clicking the survey’s report icon from the survey dashboard or by clicking the Report tab of the survey. The Standard Report is automatically generated by Checkbox and has fewer customization options than Dashboards. It is most handy when you need visual results quickly or don’t want to spend time building out a report. For more information, please see our Standard Report Guide.

Standard Reports

Custom Dashboards

Dashboards are created/edited/viewed by navigating the main Dashboards menu and either clicking Create Dashboard or searching for an existing Dashboard.

Dashboards have a few more customization options than the Standard Report and can include charts from multiple surveys, but must be either built from scratch or copied from an existing Standard Report. For more information on working with Dashboards, please view our Custom Dashboards guide.

Custom Dashboards

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