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Contact Role Permissions Cheat Sheet


In order to be able to perform a certain function in Checkbox (e.g. edit a survey or view a report), a Contact must:

1. First, have been assigned a role (i.e. Survey Admin, User Admin, etc.) that allows that function.
2. Second, either be the creator of the item (i.e. survey, report) they are trying to access OR have been given access* to that item by its creator.

Below is a quick-access guide to the functions that are allowed by each Contact role. *For more information on Checkbox permissions, please see our Permissions Overview.

= Always has access to.

S = Sometimes has access to, meaning the Contact has the proper role to perform the function, but either has to be the item’s creator or must have been assigned explicit permission by the item’s creator in order to perform the function.

N = Never has access to.

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