February 8, 2019|

Create Your First Survey


1. Create a blank survey

  • From the main Surveys area, click the Create Survey button.


2. Fill out your survey’s info

  • Name your survey
  • Enter what you’d like to appear at the end of your custom survey URL. In this example, our custom link would be https://mycompany.checkboxonline.com/newsurvey.
  • Select an existing folder to save your survey in (optional).
  • If you’d like to create your survey from an existing Template, choose the Template name from the dropdown.  Otherwise, you will be creating a new, blank survey.



3. Add a survey question to Page 1

  • Your new survey has been created with a single blank survey page and a Completion page, which is where your thank you message will go.
  • Under Page 1, click the Add Survey Question button
  • Choose the Question Type you’d like to add. If you aren’t sure, you can find some descriptions and examples here.

Add a survey question


4. Customize your question

  • Enter your question text and optional subtext.
  • Enter your answer choices, hitting enter or clicking the Add Choice button to add more options.
  • Enable options under Behavior to make your question required, randomize your answer choices, or allow respondents to enter their own “other” option.
  • Change your question layout under Appearance.



5. Add survey logic (optional)

  • Add Conditions to your question if you’d like to only show them based on how someone answers a previous question, or based on something about the respondent or the survey response.
  • Add Conditions or Branching to your page if you want to hide the whole page based on conditions or skip a respondent over certain pages.
  • For more information on survey logic, see our Conditions and Branching Guide.

Add additional survey pages (optional)

  • Add additional pages using the Add New Page button.
  • To change the order of pages you can drag and drop them into place using the Move icon.


7. Customize your Completion Page (optional)

  • Your Completion Page comes with a basic thank you message, “Thank you for taking the survey.” Click the edit icon to change the message.
  • You can add multiple messages and add logic rules to each so respondents see custom messages based on their survey answer(s) or Contact profile(s).
  • You can also add action items such as automatic emails or redirects to other URLs under Add Action Item.

Custom survey completion page